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“Thus saith YHWH, Stand ye in the ways, and see, and ask for the old paths, where is the good way, and walk therein, and ye shall find rest for your souls. But they said, We will not walk therein.” (Jeremiah 6:16)

In the book of Jeremiah YHWH is exhorting his people to “ask for the old paths” and “walk therein.” The people of the world today would do well to “ask for the old paths” and return to our nation's educational foundations. An important yet little known fact about education in our country is that the basic primary purpose for establishing schools in America was to teach everyone to be able to read and understand the Holy Bible!
In 1647 the American Colonies of Connecticut and Massachusetts passed the 'Old Deluder Satan Law' to prevent the abuse of power over an illiterate population ignorant of the true scriptures.
The Connecticut code of 1650 stated:
"It being one cheife project of that old deluder, Sathan, to keepe men from the knowledge of the scriptures, as in former times, keeping them in an unknowne tongue, so in these latter times, by perswading them from the use of tongues, so that at least, the true sence and meaning of the originall might bee clouded with false glosses of saint seeming deceivers; and that learning may not bee buried in the grave of our forefathers, in church and commonwealth, the Lord assisting our indeavors; It is therefore ordered by this courte and authority thereof, That every towneshipp within this jurissdiction, after the Lord hath increased them to the number of fifty howshoulders, shall then forthwith appointe one within theire towne, to teach all such children, as shall resorte to him, to write and read. (The Code of 1650, 1822, pp. 92,93).

We have made available these links to the following books that were used extensively in America's public schools throughout the United States. They contain numerous scriptures from the Holy Bible. These public school textbooks plainly show that generation after generation of American children were educated in Biblical morals which was the foundation of their learning. These early school books with Biblical content were used in America from the 1600's well into the 1900's, a period of more than 300 years.
We pray that you will be blessed by this collection and will incorporate them into your own home school curriculum.

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Early History Books
Generations of American children were taught the fundamentals of life from public school textbooks whose pages contained copious amounts of scriptures from the Holy Bible.
Instructions for the Better Government and Organization of Common Schools, 1819

Foxe's Book of Martyrs, 1563 A History of the United States, 1833
The Child's History of The United States, 1849 Right of the Bible in Our Public Schools, 1859

Also in this section we have included historical writings that help to describe the cultures and the issues that true believers faced.

General History of Religion and Church, Vol. II The Ancient British and Irish Churches
The Irish in the Caribbean 1641-1837 The Writings of (Saint) Patrick revised translation
A Letter to the Soldiers of Coroticus Antiquities of Ireland

Religious History Books
This exhaustive list of historical books will provide hours of education and enjoyment for all.

The Pageant of the Popes, 1574 Defence of the True Holy Scriptures, 1583
Confutation of the Rhemish Testament, 1583 The Gunpowder Treason, 1609
The Acts and Monuments, John Foxe, Vol 1, 1610 The Acts and Monuments, John Foxe, Vol 2, 1610
Foot out of the Snare: Jesuits in England, 1624 The History of the Reformation of the Church of Scotland, 1644
A Brief Commentary Upon the Prophesy of Obadiah, 1649 A Commentary Upon the Prophesies of Habakkuk, 1650
The Gunpowder Treason, 1679 Discovery of the Mystery of Iniquity, 1679
A Preservative Against Popery, 1688 Popery Not Founded on Scripture, 1688
Popery Not Founded on Scripture, Vol 2, 1689 The Ecclesiastical History of New-England, 1702
A View of the Pontificate, 1712 Papal Persecution of French Protestants, 1712
The Persecution of Protestants, 1714 True Account of the Inquisition, 1722
Popery Examined, 1724 The Church of England Defended Against Rome, 1727
A Confutation of Popery, 1728 Letter from Rome: Conformity Between Popery; Paganism, 1733
A View of Popery Taken From the Creed of Pope Pius IV, 1735 Popery the Great Corruption of Christianity, 1735
Sinners in the Hands of an Angry GOD, 1741 A Faithful Portrait of Popery, 1745
A Memorial of the Reformation, 1748 Enthusiasm of Methodists; Papists Compared, 1749
A Discourse Concerning Unlimited Submission, 1750 The History of the Reformation of Religion, 1761
Striving to Enter in at the Strait Gate, 1761 Book of Martyrs: History of Paganism; Popery, 1764
Popish Idolatry by Jonathan Mayhew, 1765 A Master-Key to Popery, 1773
Prophecies on the Church of Papal Rome, 1776 Collectiion of State Papers Relative to USA Sovereignity, 1782
A Defence of the Constitutions of Government, John Adams, 1787 Sermons on Several Occasions, John Wesley, 1788
History of Redemption, Jonathan Edwards, 1793 Proofs of a Conspiracy: Free Masons, ILLUMINATI, 1798
The Inquisition in Spain, 1800 Proofs of the Dangers of Illuminism, 1802
The History of the Gunpowder Plot, 1804 The History of the Inquisition, 1816
The Inquisition Unmasked, Vol 1, 1816 The Inquisition Unmasked, Vol 2, 1816
History of the Jesuits, Vol 1, 1816 History of the Jesuits, Vol 2, 1816
The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, Vol 1, 1816 The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, Vol 2, 1816
The Origin of Pagan Idolatry, Vol 3, 1816 Notes on the Rhemish Testament, 1817
Apostasy of the Church of Rome, 1818 The Popish Mass, Conformity with Paganism, 1823
Romanism verses the Bible, 1827 Illustrations of Masonry, 1827
The ANTI-MASONIC Review, By A Renouncing Mason, 1828 Opinions on Freemasonry, 1830
Proceedings of the U.S. Anti-Masonic Convention, 1830 A Reply of the Genesee Consociation, Masonry, 1830
Debates in the Anti-Masonic State Convention, 1830 Book OF Martyrs, Charles Goodrich, 1830
Book OF Martyrs, Martin Ruter, 1830 Trial of Antichrist, 1830
A Sketch Of The Romish Controversy, 1831 History Of The Reformation Of Religion, John Knox, 1831
History Of The Christian Church, 1832 History Of The United States, 1832
Renunciation Of Popery, 1833 Value Of The Bible For The Use Of Families And Schools, 1834
History Of The Inquisition, 1834 Letters In The Roman Catholic Controversy, 1834
Popish Frauds Detected; Disclosed, 1835 Popery In Alliance With Heathenism, 1835
Six Months In A Convent, 1835 A Review Of The Lady Superior's Reply, 1835
Mede's Apostasy Of The Latter Times, 1836 Thoughts On Popery, 1836
Popery - An Enemy To Civil And Religious Liberty, 1836 The Testimony Of The Reformers, 1836
Discussions: Rule Of Faith; Sacrifice Of The Mass, 1836 The Testimony Of God Against Slavery, 1836
The Roman Catholic Doctrine Of The Eucharist Considered, 1837 The History Of The Christian Church, 1837
Confessions Of A French Catholic Priest, 1837 Illustrations Of Popery: Its Damnable Heresies, 1838
Essays On Romanism, 1839 Revocation Of The Edict Of Nantes, 1839
An Essay On Apostolic Succession, 1840 Religion And Education In America, 1840
Our Liberties Defended, 1841 An Exposition Of The Doctrine Of Auricular Confession, 1841
History Of The Church Of Ireland, 1841 Antichrist Detected, 1841
A Text-Book Of Popery, 1841 Mormonism In All Ages, 1842
The History Of The Saints-Joe Smith; Mormonism, 1842 A History Of The Holy Catholic Inquisition, 1843
Papal Rome As It Is, 1843 The Lollards; Witnesses For The Truth, 1843
The Roman Catholic Religion. Prophecy And History, 1843 The Bible In Public Schools, The Quarterly Review, 1844
Persecutions Of Popery, 1844 Popery, The Enemy Of Scripture, 1844
The Worship Of The Virgin Mary, Contrary To Scripture, 1844 History Of Romanism: From Earliest Corruptions, 1845
Romanism Incompatible With Republican Institutions, 1845 The Jesuits, As They Were And Are, 1845
Dangers Of Jesuit Instruction, 1846 Christ And Antichrist, 1846
Mary Not A Perpetual Virgin Nor The Mother Of God, 1846 History Of The Ancient Christians, 1847
Letters On The Masonic Institution, John Quincy Adams, 1847 Popery And The United States, 1847
The Mysteries Of Romanism, 1847 Popery: Its Character And Its Crimes, 1847
Image Worship Of The Church Of Rome, 1847 War With The Saints, Crusade Against The Albigenses, 1848
Auricular Confession, A Sermon 1848 The History Of Auricular Confession, Vol 1, 1848
The History Of Auricular Confession, Vol 2, 1848 Records Of Religious Persecution, Vol 1, 1848
Records Of Religious Persecution, Vol 2, 1849 Records Of Religious Persecution, Vol 3, 1851
Popery In Power: Spirit Of The Vatican, Priestcraft, 1850 Romish Sacraments And The Confessional, 1850
The History Of The Confessional, 1850 The Progress Of Beguilement To Romanism, 1850
An Alarm To Unconverted Sinners, 1850 Letters Of John Quincy Adams, To His Son, The Bible, 1850
Papal Rome, The Foretold And Foredoomed Apostasy, 1851 The Vatican And St. James's, 1851
The Inquisition Revealed, 1851 Dealings With The Inquisition, 1851
Delineation Of Roman Catholicism, Vol 1, 1851 Delineation Of Roman Catholicism, Vol 2, 1851
Romanism Unknown To Primitive Christianity, 1851 Dark Deeds Of The Papacy, 1851
The Character Of A Convent, 1851 An Exposition Of Tridentine And Tractarian Popery, 1851
Foreign Conspiracy Against The Liberties Of The U.S., 1852 Romanism At Home, 1852
The Evil Of Infant Baptism By Alexander Campbell, 1852 The Jesuit Priest In The Family, The Church, The Parish, 1852
Sermons, By Lyman Beecher, 1852 Joseph Smith, The Great American Imposter, 1852
Teachings Of Catholic Church Compared With Scriptures, 1852 Romanism, The Enemy Of Education, 1853
The Brand Of Dominic, 1853 Twelve Letters On Transubstantiation, 1853
What Popery Is When Armed With Power, 1853 A Protestant's Appeal To Catholic Standards, 1853
A Handbook To The Romish Controversy, 1854 Romanism At Home, 1854
The Lectures Complete Of Father Gavazzi, 1854 Popery Unmasked, 1854
History Of The Jesuits, 1854 Right Of The Bible In Our Public Schools, 1854
Popery! As It Was And As It Is, 1854 The Evils Of Infant Baptism By R.B.C. Howell, 1854
Lectures On Romanism, 1854 The Christian Examiner, Vol 56, 1854
Priests' Prisons For Women, 1854 Rome Against The Bible And The Bible Against Rome, 1854
The Position Of Christianity In The United States, 1854 The Great Red Dragon, 1854
Modern Jesuitism, 1855 THe Crisis; Or, The Enemies Of America Unmasked, 1855
The Papal Conspiracy Exposed, 1855 Rhemes-Doway, A History Of Deception, 1855
Paganism, Popery, And Christianity, 1855 Romanism In America, 1855
Mormonism Tried By Its Own Standards - Reason; Scripture, 1855 The Great American Battle - Political Romanism, 1856
Rome, Christian And Papal, 1856 Americanism Versus Romanism, 1856
Americanism Contrasted with Romanism and Bogus Democracy, 1856 Defense Of American Policy-Interference Of The Papacy, 1856
Slavery Unmasked, 1856 Secret Instructions Of The Jesuits, 1857
The Roman Catholic Element In American History, 1857 The Faiths Of The World, Vol 1, 1858
The Faiths Of The World, Vol 2, 1858 The American And Foreign Christian Union, Vol 9, 1858
Pope, Or President? Facts For Americans, 1859 Sermons Preached By Charles Spurgeon, 1859
The Pulpit Of The American Revolution, 1860 Inspiration And Interpretation, 1861
The True Story Of The Barons Of The South, 1862 The Two Babylons - The Papal Worship, 1862
Christian Life; Character Of Civil Institutions Of U.S., 1864 The Mystery Of Iniquity Unveiled, 1866
Assassination Of President Lincoln, 1866 Conspiracy To Overthrow Liberty In America, 1866
The Sword And The Trowel, 1866 Life And Letters Of John Wintrhop (1630-49), 1867
The Evils Of Infant Baptism By A.N. Arnold, 1867 Chemical Change In The Eucharist, 1867
The Papacy-Its History, Dogmas, Genius,; Prospects, 1867 Almost A Nun, 1868
The Character, Claims, Etc. Of Freemasonry, 1869 Almost A Priest, 1870
The Bible In Schools, 1870 Question Of The Hour: The Bible And The School Fund, 1870
The Mysteries And Crimes Of Mormonism, 1870 Mormonism: Its Rise, Progress, And Present Condition, 1870
History Of Romanism: From Earliest Corruptions, 1870 The Two Babylons-The Papal Worship, 1871
Impending Conflict Between Romanism-Protestantism In The U.S., 1871 History Of The Cross: The Pagan Origin, 1871
The Last Twelve Verses Of S. Mark Vindicated, 1871 The Mystery Of Iniquity, Or, Romanism Not Christianity, 1872
The Broken Seal, The Morgan Abduction And Murder, 1873 Secrets Of The Convent; Confessional, 1873
History Of The Sabbath And First Day Of The Week, 1873 God's Confessional Or Man's: Which Shall It Be? 1874
Foot Prints Of Satan, 1874 The Follies And Crimes Of Bigamy Young, 1874
The Vatican Decrees In Their Bearing On Civil Allegiance, 1874 Rome And America, 1875
Deeds Of Darkness Disclosed Relative To Auricular Confession, 1875 Rome And The Newest Fashions In Religion, 1875
Vaticanism: An Answer To Reproofs and Replies, 1875 Tell It All: The Story Of A Life Experience In Mormonism, 1875
Letters And Addresses On Freemasonry, John Quincy Adams, 1875 A Manual Of Romish Controversy, 1875
Universalism Antiscriptural, 1875 Secrets Of The Convent Confessional, 1876
The Life Of William Penn, 1876 The Papacy And The Civil Power, 1876
Vaticanism Unmasked: Chapter Four, 1876 The Complete Testimony Of The Fathers-The Sabbath, 1876
Wife No. 19, Complete Expose Of Mormonism, 1876 Mormonism Unveiled; Confessions Of The Late Mormon Bishop, 1877
Vaticanism Unmasked: Or Romanism In The United States, 1877 The Pope, The Kings And The People, Vol 1, 1877
The Pope, The Kings And The People, Vol 2, 1877 Roman In Canada, 1877
The Papal Hierarchy: Tactics Of Rome To Overthrow Liberty, 1878 Romanism As It Is, 1878
Vaticanism Unmasked: Chapter Eight, 1878 Awful Disclosures Of Maria Monk, 1878
The Seven Calumnies, 1879 The Cross: Heathen And Christian, 1879
Papal Truthfulness, 1880 The Priest, The Woman And The Confessional, 1880
Papal Curses, 1880 Romanism: A Doctrinal And Historical Examination, 1882
ROME: Pagan And Papal, 1883 The Sower, 1883
The Power Of The Secret Empire, 1883 The Revision Revised, 1883
History Of The Old Waldenses, 1884 The History And Claims Of The Confessional, 1884
The Mormon Hell On Earth, 1884 Book Of Mormon: Is It From God? 1885
The Jesuits; A Complete History, 1885 The Italian Inquisition, 1885
Fifty Years In The Church Of Rome, 1886 Joseph Smith The Prophet, His Family; Friends, 1886
A Critical History Of The Sabbath - The Sunday, 1886 Romanism At War With Governments, 1886
The Master's Carpet: Masonry And Baal-Worship Identical, 1887 Romanism And The Reformation, 1887
The Golden Bible Or The Book Of Mormon. Is It From God? 1887 Romanism Unmasked: Letters Describing Romanism In Its Origin, 1887
Rome In America, 1887 Secret Societies, 1888
Fathers Of The Catholic Church: A Brief Examination Of The Falling Away, 1888 Foot Prints Of Satan: Against Bible; Public Schools, 1888
Biblical Teachings Concerning The Sabbath; The Sunday, 1888 A Critical History Of Sunday Legislation From 321 To 1888 A.D., 1888
Romanism Vs. The Public School System, 1888 Ireland And The Pope, 1888
Washington In The Lap Of Rome, 1888 What Is Modern Romanism? 1888
The Secrets; Influence Of The Roman Catholic Confessional, 1888 The Confessional, 1889
The Fight With Rome, 1889 In Defense Of The American Public School System, 1889
Denominational Schools, 1890 Romanism And The Republic, 1890
Romanism Exposed And Protestantism Defended, 1890 The Great Conspiracy Against Our American Public Schools, 1890
Our Country: Its Possible Future And Its Present Crisis, 1891 The Two Republics Or Rome And The U.S.A., 1891
Protestant Episcopal Layman's Handbook, 1891 Masonic Religion Revealed, 1891
The Black Pope: Conspiracy Against American Institutions, 1892 Paganism Surviving In Christianity, 1892
Assassination Of Lincoln; A History Of The Great Conspiracy, 1892 America's Next War, 1892
The Sabbath Question From The Roman Catholic Standpoint, 1894 The Legal Sunday, Its History And Character, 1894
Sketches Of Life In North Carolina, 1894 America Or Rome - Christ Or The Pope, 1895
The Spirit Of The Papacy, 1895 America Or Rome, Which? 1895
Rome's Attack On Our Public Schools, 1895 The Black Pope, A History Of The Jesuits, 1896
The Traditional Text Of The Holy Bible, 1896 Causes Of Corruption Of The Traditional Text, 1896
Shall Liberty Die? 1897 Rome's Responsibility For The Assassination Of Abraham Lincoln, 1897
Bible Readings For Schools, 1897 How To Win Romanists, 1898
The Queen Of Heaven, The Great Idolatry, 1898 Christian Science And Its Problems, 1898
Christian Science Examined, 1898 The Secret History Of The Oxford Movement, 1899
Christian Science, 1899 Christian Science And Other Superstitions, 1899
Christian Science And Kindred Delusions, 1899 Eddyism: Christian Science Neither Christian Nor Scientific, 1899
The Inquisition In Mexico, 1899 Romanism In Its Home, 1899
Swift Decadence Of Sunday: What Next? 1899 FACING THE 20th CENTURY: OUR COUNTRY: ITS POWER-PERIL, 1899
The Devil In Robes, Or The Sin Of Priests, 1900 The Papacy In The 19th Century, 1900
The Assassination Of Lincoln, 1900 Forty Years In The Church Of Christ, 1900
The Sower And The Virgin, 1900 The Mormons And Their Bible, 1901
Papal Aims And Papal Claims, 1902 The Papal Court, 1902
Christian Science Against Itself, 1902 Mormonism Exposed, 1902
The Mormon Waterloo, 1902 Sunday Legislation; It's History To The Present Time, 1902
The Devil In The Church, His Secret Works Exposed, 1902 The Two Babylons Or The Papal Worship, 1903
The Jesuits In Great Britain, 1903 Thirty Years In Hell, Or, From Darkness To Light, 1904
The Evolution And Future Of Sunday Legislation, 1905 The Mormon Menace, 1905
Lincoln's Use Of The Bible, 1909 Christian Science In The Light Of Holy Scripture, 1909
Cumorah Revisited, 1910 The Primitive Church; The Primacy Of Rome, 1910
Christian Science Falsely So Called, 1911 Fourteen Years A Jesuit, Vol 1, 1911
Fourteen Years A Jesuit, Vol 2, 1911 American State Papers Bearing On Sunday Legislation, 1911
History Of The Sabbath And The First Day Of The Week, 1912 Romanism: A Menace To The Nation, 1912
In And Out Of Catholicism, 1913 Political Romanism, 1914
Is Roman Catholicism In America Identical With That Of The Popes?, 1914 Romanism In The Light Of History, 1914
Religious Liberty In America, 1914 The Jesuits In History, 1914
Center-Shots At Rome, 1914 The True Origin Of The Book Of Mormon, 1914
Constitution Or Pope, 1915 The Roman Catholic Hierarchy: The Deadliest Menace, 1915
Beacon-Lights Romanism And The Reformers, 1915 Cassock And Sword, 1915
Why I Reject The Helping Hand Of Millennial Dawn, 1915 Errors Of Russellism, 1915
American Anthropology Disproves The Book Of Mormon, 1916 Infant Baptism Historically Considered, 1916
Papal Sovereignty, 1917 In The Cult Kingdom: Mormonism, Eddyism, Russellism, 1918
The Mormon Saints, 1919 The Sabbath Recorder, The Christian Sabbath, 1919
George Washington, The Christian, 1919 The Roman Catholic Church Challenged, 1920
Why Not Russellism? Alias Millennial Dawn, 1920 The Truth About Christian Science; The Founder; The Faith, 1920
What Is Christian Science? 1922 The Suppressed Truth, 1922
Romanism As A World Power, 1922 Rome's Law, Or Ours - Which? 1928
Roman Catholics In America Falsifying History, 1928 Sunday In Roman Paganism, 1944
The Vatican In World Politics, 1949 The Religion Of Abraham Lincoln, 1963
The Deadly Deception, 1988
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