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Torah Town is a ministry of volunteers dedicated seeking out and living out the Whole Word of God. Our purpose is to share all that we learn, not only to our youth, but also to their parents and caregivers. We began in April 2017, as an animated Torah adventure series with each episode based on a daily parsha reading, aimed at the pre-school to 4th grade demographic.

Our initial aim was to provide a Scripturally Based alternative to mainstream, secular programs. However, after about 4 months, we discovered that there is a great need for all forms of Torah Based entertainment, activities and learning material for children and their parents.

Now our goals have grown to creating wholesome videos and animations for our youth, designing scripture centered games and activities, as well as developing a God-Centered, Torah Based Curriculum for Homeschooling that is both entertaining and motivational for the student and parent alike.  And it is our hope to be able to provide all of these materials Free of Charge.

We understand that this is a HUGE undertaking and at times painstakingly slow in development.
So Your prayers and support are deeply appreciated!
The Torah Town Team


Most of the entertainment and literature in society today is ungodly. This applies to many regular TV shows and movies, books, video games, magazines, and especially, music.
Much of the entertainment today presents a false or incomplete picture of reality by leaving out Yeshua (Jesus Christ) and spiritual values. Even if there are no negative references to Christianity, the picture of the world the mainstream-media presents, ignores the most important element of truth—YHWH (GOD).
It is like reading a book about how to survive that does not mention food or water. If the main thing we fill our minds with are these godless versions of reality, we can come to see the Bible as irrelevant to human interactions.


There are about 2.3 million home-educated students in the United States.
The homeschool population is continuing to grow at an estimated 2% to 8% per annum over the past three years. According to the National Home Education Research Insitiute NHERI: Homeschool students typically score 15 to 30 percentile points above public-school students on standard academic achievement tests. They also score above average on achievement tests regardless of their parents’ level of formal education or their family’s household income. Home-educated students typically score above average on the SAT and ACT tests that colleges consider for admissions and are increasingly being actively recruited by colleges.

Reasons for Homeschooling

"Many public schools have become pagan religion indoctrination centers. These schools now teach children anti-Judeo-Christian beliefs and pagan religions, and try to mold children’s minds through the latest techniques in behavioral psychology."

Joel Turtel

Anyone Can Homeschool

Whether or not homeschool parents were ever certified teachers is not related to their children’s academic achievement. The research indicates that homeschooled children surpass their public taught peers in:
   local community service
   vote and attend public meetings
   go to and succeed at college
   internalize the parents values

Homeschool Benefits

The home-educated are doing well, typically above average, on measures of social, emotional, and psychological development. Research measures include peer interaction, self-concept, leadership skills, family cohesion, participation in community service, and self-esteem.

Social Involvement

Homeschool students are regularly engaged in social and educational activities outside their homes and with people other than their nuclear-family members. They are commonly involved in activities such as field trips, scouting, 4-H, political drives, church ministry, sports teams, and community volunteer work.


Drop us a line and let us know how you can help! We would love to hear from you.

"It is easier to build strong children than to repair broken men."

Frederick Douglass, abolitionist and statesman
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