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Web & Graphics/Animation Designer

Is a lifelong native of Southern Ohio, along with his wife Fay, are devoted to spreading the Love of YHWH and the Good News of Yeshua, our Messiah and Coming King to all people. Gary has worked in the advertising/web design and graphic arts profession for nearly 30 years, specializing in logo design and branding, but with a desire for computer animation. Having also served as youth pastor and educator for a number of years, decided to combine his skills and devote them to the work of bringing children to the knowledge of the Messiah, Jesus Christ (Yeshua HaMashiach).
Gary is also the designer of the NYSTV Roku Channel and plays the role of "Grandpa" Cornelius P. Torah.


Writer & Script Supervisor

I was raised on a farm and grew up in the rural country mountains of WV, living most of my adult life in Charleston, until I met and married the Love of my life, Gary. I have worked at a number of different professions. I was a beautician for many of my younger years and then moved more toward the medical field and finally worked the job I loved most as an Emergency Medical Technician. I have always worked with the public and enjoyed being with and around people. I now am a stay at home mother to our adult daughter “Nikki”, a grandmother of 5 beautiful grandchildren and wife home maker of our small rural homestead. we have a dog, Roku, a cat, Sunshine, and 7 chickens. I enjoy gardening of any kind, cooking and canning/preserving, and have a strong desire to help others.
I do the writing and scripting for Torah Town, and also play the part of "Nana" Sarai Torah.


Narrator & Voice of YHWH

Jake Grant, is the Production Manager for BoxTwo Radio Network, and Partner of Now You See TV. Jake was raised on the mission field and spent most of his life in the Philippines. He is an award winning speaker and debater from his time competing in College, where he went to learn about Communications and Public speaking. Jake found faith in Yeshua Messiah in 2014 and has been seeking after God and his word since.
Jake is the Narrator for Torah Town and plays the role of "YHWH".


John Hall

John Hall
Joseph Torah

He has a passion for sharing the whole Word of YHVH-Genesis to Revelation. He and his wife Patricia partners with Now You See Tv to deliver biblical teachings across the world. Their mission is to connect the family of YHVH to His Word and Messiah by following His example, worshiping the Father in Spirit and Truth.

Rachael Hurst
Tina Torah

Rachel Hurst is newly married to a wonderful, Torah observant man. She holds and Associate of Arts in University Studies from Morehead State University, where she focused on Art and traditional Appalachian Music. When asked about her role as Tina Torah, Rachel said, “It was always hard being a Sabbath keeper as a child because there weren’t many of us. I only had one other friend who kept the Sabbath. I want kids to know they aren’t alone. There are others out there like them.”

Matthew Joseph Anderson
Tommy Torah &
Bill Z. 'BUBBA' DeVill

I live in Colorado Springs, CO with my beautiful wife Nikki Anderson and my two rambunctious kiddos. My son Josef is 12 yrs old. He was diagnosed with Autism when he was 2 yrs old. He is our artist and he is truly our gift from YHWH! My daughter is 2 yrs old and is our little princess. LOL. We have been Torah Observant only a short time and are learning every day to trust and obey in the Most High. We are grateful for this ministry and cannot wait to see where it goes! Praise YAH!

Lara Root
Hannah Torah

Lara Root is the mother of 5 grown children and has been married for 30 years. She homeschooled her children from Pre-K to graduation. She holds a BA in English from NYIT and an MA in English Lit. and Writing from UI&U. Lara is passionate about scripture study, quilting and sewing, and homesteading. When asked about her role as Mrs. Torah, she said, “I would have given my eye-teeth for something like this when my kids were little. I believe that we are doing something incredibly important for the kingdom.”

Ken Heidebrecht
Zechariah 'Zachary' B. Jehoda

Hello! I grew up in a Christian household but only came into the Hebrew roots of my faith in early 2013. Since then YHWH has shown me the importance of living out His instructions to the best of my ability. I am happily married to my beautiful wife Jessica and I am a paramedic in the province of Nova Scotia Canada and enjoy helping people in their time of need. Some of my hobbies are: Reading and Meditating on the Word of God, as well as writing and producing music, working out, hiking, camping and traveling.

Jané Britz
Lexine Mahath

Jané is a 9 year old girl, who lives in Brackenfell, a suburb of Cape Town, South Africa. She is a soft hearted, sensitive spirited young girl, who loves learning from the Word of Yhwh! She loves animals of all kinds, but most of all horses and cheetahs! She is the apple of her Daddy Dennis' eye and has 3 older brothers (Pienaar 20, Tian 18 and André 18). Jané loves reading, art and photography.

Kiersi Canfield
Edna E. Tertiary

Kiersi is a ten year old, homeschooled 4th grader from Southern Indiana. She has two older brothers, ages 17 and 20. She loves pickles and fruit. She enjoys ballet and takes two hours of ballet lessons each week. She is an excellent cook and makes many recipes from scratch. She and her family have a micro-homestead complete with organic gardens and several chickens.

Melissa Collins
Esther Avahill

Melissa Collins is the voice of Torah Town’s teacher, Ms. Avahill. Melissa and her family reside in Kentucky. Together, she and Chad have 5 children, all boys. They were awakened to Torah around 2012, and have been pursuing Yaweh and His ways ever since. Together they enjoy studying scriptures, Alabama football, hunting and playing marbles. Melissa is a multiple time winning national marbles champion. She and Chad work together at a Christian company making pallets. At work they are able to plant seeds of the importance of studying the whole bible and throughout the year they give back by “Hugging the Homeless” and assisting with Torah of Yeshua Ministry.

Darian Peterson
Jason P. Countryman

Hey I’m Darian, aka Jason and I am almost 14. Me and my mother have been observing Torah for my whole life, but I accepted Christ on a personal level about 8 years ago. One of my favorite things to do is target shoot (whether with real guns or nerf guns).
Hope to see you soon!

Zeke Glover

Ezekiel 'Zeke' Glover
Solomon D. Kingsley

Ezekiel 'Zeke' is 13. He loves fishing and animals of all types. Zeke's goals are to be a Zoo Keeper with his own Pizza Shop. He and his family have been Torah Observant for 2 years and is an avid prayer warrior.

Mark Chappell
Mr. Brightside

No Bio yet!

Geordie Alston
Prof. Caleb Shredder

G'day there, I am 24 Years old and I live in Australia, QLD. I am a pianist and also i play guitar. My other experience is in working with voice acting and with the Radio, where I have my own show. I am a believer in the way, or as another way of putting it, a bible believer/Messianic. As I strongly also believe that the Bible is the full truth and I believe that YahWeh is pointing me towards being a voice actor, and would very much like to entertain children and cheer them up and give them hope towards the future. I pray that we will give children and parents hope towards the future YahWeh is going to give us.


Tavis Connor

Kathryn Chappell

Ian Root

Kris Hurst


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"Children need models rather than critics."

Joseph Joubert, French moralist
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